Hemingway's Paris - Robert Wheeler

Hemingway's Paris

By Robert Wheeler

  • Release Date: 2015-04-07
  • Genre: Europe


An “achingly effective” portrait of the city that inspired one of the twentieth century’s greatest authors (Booklist, starred review).
No other place in any of Ernest Hemingway’s travels was as significant, professionally or emotionally, as was Paris. The gorgeous black-and-white photographs and accompanying text in this book capture the complexity, beauty, and intrigue that Hemingway described in the pages of so much of his work, and tells a story of remarkable passion—for a city, a woman, and a time.
The history, the streets, and the restaurants, hotels, homes, sites, and favorite bars are all detailed here. Robert Wheeler also discusses Hemingway’s torment, talent, and obstacles, as well as his places of refuge. As a teacher and photojournalist, he has traveled throughout France, Italy, Spain, Africa, and Cuba in order to gain insight into Hemingway’s work. Here, through his journal and photographs, Wheeler portrays the intimate connection Hemingway had with the woman he never stopped loving, Hadley, and with the city he loved most, Paris.
“By showing us the Paris that Hemingway saw, walked through, and loved, Robert Wheeler gives us a more complete picture than we have had of this legendary and complicated American writer.” —Henry Louis Gates Jr.